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We offer a free assessment prior to your child coming onto our timetable.
Primary and KS3 English Assessment
During the assessment we will work with your child for about 30 mins. This will enable us to gauge and measure individual scores in reading, spelling, and comprehension. We will also assess their writing skills to observe general features of composition, including vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure and handwriting.
Primary and KS3 Maths Assessment
At the end of the assessment, we will report to you the outcome of the assessment. We will then agree on the topics to be included in your child’s individual plan, and agree on the balance between English and Maths.
Individual Plan and Balance of Study
GCSE English and Maths Assessments
During the assessment we will cover both English and Maths as above but also add in an element of Verbal Reasoning (and Non-verbal Reasoning if required). We will ask whether your child has already been exposed to these types of questions/papers and ask them to complete some question types on their own. We will be looking for their ability to understand the question and then attempt the answer in a reasonable time. We may also briefly discuss strategies for answering different types of questions.
11+ Preparation Assessment
Number bonds, pattern in number, times tables, language of maths, accuracy in the 4 basic operations in number, problem solving, measures, time, money, fractions, decimals, percentage, area, perimeter, symmetry, volume, surface area, data handling, algebra, geometry.
During the assessment we will gather information about your child’s skills in relation to their academic year. This will include all the basic skills expected for your child’s year group. It can be common that children may not have understood a basic building block in a certain area, which then gives rise to the difficulty of moving ahead to higher levels of understanding. Some children get stuck and simply don’t know how to move ahead. We identify the areas of weakness, and put an individual teaching plan in place, in order to help them make the steps of progress in the following:
With the GCSE students, we are sometimes able to conduct a telephone assessment. This is because the students are far more able to tell us what they need to work on and what levels they are currently working at. We will find out the exam board for the subject and texts/poems that they are covering as part of that course.
Lessons are 1 hour 20mins in length. Most pupils come once a week, and are matched with a tutor who will work with them on the same day, at the same time each week for continuity.
Free Assessment