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Secondary Transfer
Each child is taught one to one from their weekly targeted plan of learning/activities. These activities will be planned in accordance with the results of the initial assessment and ongoing lesson assessment to ensure that your child's weaker areas are the focus.
The majority of our KS2 students locally prepare for the South West Herts Consortium exams, allowing them to apply for the seven schools that operate testing prior to application. Below is an outline of how we prepare these students:
Preparation for the South West Herts Consortium Exams
Verbal Resoning Preparation (CEM)
Your child will be given a huge variety of exercises to complete and learn from, which will stretch his/her vocabulary knowledge and also sharpen his/her skills for answering comprehension/cloze questions. Your child will also be provided with a 3in1 Education vocabulary book and word list for weekly completion and learning of new vocabulary. At the end of every lesson we have a differentiated vocabulary challenge for each class, which tests comprehension of tricky words and spelling.
Maths Preparation (GL Assessment)
Your child will work through the KS2 topic curriculum to ensure that he/she is confident working in all areas. Once the majority of areas have been taught, your child will attempt example papers to work on their speed of calculation in short, timed sessions in class and for homework. If the recall of times tables is a weak point, we have a computer program to work on personal targets for single sets or a mixture including division facts for stretching even the most able under timed conditions. Activities like this add fun and challenge to lessons so that learning is full of achievement and motivation.
Other School Exams
Depending on if you are entering your child into other school exams in addition to or instead of the SWH Consortium exams, we can broaden the preparation to include the requirements of these other schools. As our planning will be tailored to your child, we can put together a programme that will cover all aspects of the learning required in the run up to the exam date.
These may be areas such as:
English (comprehension, writing, grammar etc.)
Non- Verbal Reasoning
Maths (CEM)
Interview Technique
Learning Pathways
To ensure that our students are making the expected level of progress over the course of their exam preparation, we have devised a 'Pathway' system whereby children are allocated a pathway between 1 and 7 when they are initially assessed. This follows a steady line of improvement on our graph up to the end of term before the exam and we can then regularly check a child's position, ensuring that they are still on track.