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What We Provide
Young Learners
KS1 and KS2 English and Maths lessons
Secondary Entrance Examination Preparation
KS3 and KS4 (GCSE)
A large proportion of our parents want their child prepared for these exams, which are held at the beginning of Year 6. Most students study for the South West Herts Consortium Exams, although we are able to tailor the learning programme to include the wider requirements of other specific schools such as non-verbal reasoning, English writing, English comprehension and mathematical reasoning. The structure and varied content of our lessons allow students to stay engaged in learning throughout the many months of preparation that most need. We use an extensive range of resources in verbal reasoning and maths and have also created our own 3in1 Education resources. Mock exams for the South West Herts Consortium exams are also available, which imitate the conditions of the real day and give the students a chance to complete full papers in a pressured environment. We have had excellent success preparing students for local exams as well as those for highly sought after independent schools.
As most students approach 6 years old, they are ready to start our lessons, which include a mixture of computer and paper-based work in every teaching session. Each pupil has their own individual plan of work which is drawn up from information gathered at their free assessment. Each child has their own computer and desk to use for their work. Teaching sessions are timetabled with a tutor having from 2 to 5 pupils in a learning group.
We hold one hour classes for children in nursery, reception and Year 1 who aren't yet independent enough in their own knowledge or ability to be taught in a conventional tuition setting. These classes include both literacy and numeracy following the EYFS curriculum, although children have the chance during 'Target Time' to work on their weaker areas. The lessons start off with carpet time, where the tutor will be focusing on a particular skill in literacy or numeracy and whiteboards may be used as well as differentiated questioning to assess learning
Students come to us for a variety of reasons, such as catching up with their year group, general confidence building, and working towards Key Stage 1 & 2 SATs (to name a few). Our reward system challenges and motivates children to always try their best and we believe in making every lesson enjoyable to maximise learning.
We have specialist English, maths and science tutors who deliver the teaching for our secondary school students. For KS3 students we begin with an initial assessment at the centre to work out their strengths and weaknesses, but for KS4 we are sometimes able to do this over the phone. Lessons are planned carefully to increase students' knowledge as well as coaching them in the skill of answering questions fully. We also run intensive GCSE study sessions over the Easter holiday for KS4 students in preparation for summer exams.